Project Details

ADP No. 509
Code 160231
Year 2017-18
Duration 3 years (2016-17 to 2018-19)
Total Cost Rs. 41.922 Million
Total Exp. Upto June 2017 Rs. 10.00 Million
Total Allocation (2017-18) Rs. 10.00 Million
Releases in CFY 2017-18 Rs. 5.00 Million
Expenditure in CFY 2017-18 Rs. 3.039 Million

Project Objectives

  • To improve the performance of the healthcare delivery system through generating out of the box and innovative choices for challenges facing health sector particularly in the following strategic areas:
  • Be the nucleus of financial information in the sector, with reporting streams established between itself and all districts, autonomous bodies and sub departments in the Health Department.
  • Monitor and analyze, once the budgets have been prepared according to specified objectives of the Health Department, actual expenditure in the Health Department and the agencies that it funds, is in accordance with the appropriations made.
  • The FMC will be the central point to financial reporting in the health sector, which will generate management accounting information to facilitate budgetary control for cost center managers, senior managers, the core team, and the Secretary (as Principal Accounting Officer).
  • Develop appropriate automation tools (including an interface with the Project for Improved Financial Reporting and Accounting system) to assist in budget preparation and financial reporting.

Project Director: Mr. Asad Ullah Khan

Phone: 091-9216371

Address: House No. 62-B, Jamal Uddin Afghani Road, University Town, Peshawar