Project Details

  • ADP/Code:                                  600/170593
  • ADP  Year:                                   2017-18  to 2019-20
  • Total cost:                                    Rs. 234.550 million
  • Total Exp upto June 2017:       Rs. 0.00 million
  • Allocation 2017-18:                    Rs. 0.001 million
  • Releases 2017-18:                       Rs.  0.00 million
  • Expenditure from 01/07/2017 till Dec 2017:     Rs. 0.00 million

Project Objectives

  • Screening pre-diabetic and potential complication to reduce the chance of complications such as amputations, blindness, kidney failure, heart diseases, stokes in each district.
  • create awareness and social mobilization through electronic (cable and radio adverts) and posters, bill boards and IEC materials in each district.
  • Prevention screening and treatment of diabetes of the project district in a phased manner

Focal Person  :         Dr A.H Aamir

Contact No:              091-9217140

Address:                    Department of Endocrinology, HMC, Peshawar