1. Adminstration of health department.
  2. Endowment fund of Khyber Teaching Hospital.
  3. Anti-smoking ordinance.
  4. Budget & Accounts of Health Secretariat level.
  5. Transport of Health Department.
  6. Internal Audit of Health Secretariat.
  7. Civil Awards.
  8. Diary and Dispatch Business.
  9. Posting/Transfer of Officer and official in Health Secretariat staff.
  10. Defense planning meeting.
  11. Principles policy of health.
  12. Local training of secretariat staff.
  13. DAC/PAC at Health Secretariat level.
  14. Reconciliation of Accounts.
  15. SNE on health secretariat Bureau.
  16. Women Harassment.
  17. National Accountability Bureau.
  18. Photostat/stencil.
  19. Stationary.
  20. Medical Cover to VVIP/VIP.
  1. “District Specialist of DHQH, THQH, and RHC Hospitals.”
  2. “Establishment matters of senior Registrators, Assistant Professors.”
  3. Associate Professors and Professors of public Medical Colleges.
  4. “Affairs of Teaching Hospitals.e. KTH, LRH, ATH, HMC< SGTH Swat.”
  5. “Leave, GP. Fund, Retirement and pension  cases of the above mentioned doctors”
  1. “Establishment of General Cadre Doctors (BPS-17), except Dental Surgeons (BPS-17 and above.”
  2. Appointment of Mos/WMOs on adhoc and contract basis.
  3. Posting transfer of Mos/WMOs.
  4. Selection of Mos/WMOs as junior registrar /demonstrators.
  5. “Leave, GP. Fund, Retirements and pension cases of the above mentioned doctors.”
  1. Establishment of General/Management Cadre Doctors from BS-18 to BS-20 and Dental Surgeons(BS-17) and above.
  2. District Health Officer (DHO).
  3. Medical Superintendent and Deputy Medical Superintendent.
  4. Vertical Programmes/Projectes (TB control/HIV Aids/MNCH/NP & FP).
  1.  Hajj medical mission.
  2. Health Care Commission.
  3. Cabinet decision (Federal/Provincial).
  4. Import of duty free cars of disable.
  5. Other subjects not specifically entrusted to the offices/section.
  6. Assembly Business.
  7. Senate Business.
  8. National Assembly.
  9. Standing Committee No. 12 on the Health Department.
  10. Standing Committee No. 25 on Establishment Department(cases related to Health Department).
  1. Nursing staff.
  2. Paramedic staff (except class-IV).
  3. Drugs inspectors/pharmacists.
  4. PHSA
  5. Medical Faculty
  6. Employees Social Security Institutions.
  7. Nursing Examination Board.
  8. Public Health Schools.
  9. Nursing College.
  10. Durgs Testing Laboratory.
  11. Food test Laboratory.
  12. Ministrial Staff (B-1 to B-16).
  13. Pharmacy Council.
  14. LHVs/LHWs.
  15. Social officers in Hospital.
  1. Paragplegic centre.
  2. Class-IV staff.
  4. Medical Education of students.
  5. PMDC/PMRC scholarship & deputations.
  6. Foreign training.
  7. Regulations.
  8. Khyber Medical University.
  1. “Meeting of different delegation with President, Prime Minister, Governor & Chief Minister.”
  2. Secretaries Committee Meeting.
  3. PERs of Doctors.
  4. CMs and Governor Directives.
  5. All Complaints.
  1. Supreme Court & High Court Cases.
  1. Civil suits.
  2. Service Tribunal Cases.
  1. “All cases of Provincial Quality Control Board, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”
  2. Responsible for the affairs of PQCB which is established under section 11 of the Drug act.
  3. To scrutinize the reports of Provincial Drug inspectors in respectof contraventions of the act and reports of the Government.
  4. Analysts and issue instruction to the inspector for actions.
  1. “All matters relating to Drug, Food, Pharmacy Council & government MCC.”
  2. “Implementation of Drug act/rules, pharmacy act, pure Foodordinance & Rule Frame their under:”
  3. Assist the work of Secretary PQCB
  4. Free Medical Treatment.
  5. Safe Blood Transfusion.
  1. “Development of Data Base of Doctors including 25 Districts, Teaching Hospitals, Medical Colleges.”
  2. Development of official websites includes information of all programs of health department.
  3. “Administration of Network Setup, Hardware, Software and all kind of IT cases.”
  1. All matters relating to Teaching Hospital (Autonomous and non-autonomous).PAC matters of all the health institutions in the province
  2. “Follow-up on PAC directives with the PAC, Finance, Audit Department and health institutions in the province.”
  3. Arrangement of DAC meeting on advance paras of all the health institutions in the province.
  4. “Follow-up on DAC Directives with the Finance, Audit department and health institutions in province.”
  5. “To conduct Enquiries as directed by the Provincial Assembly, Departmental Accounts Committee or as directed by the competent authority.”
  6. Verification of draft/advance paras in health institutions as directed by C.A or PAC/DAC.
  7. All matters relating to appropriate Accounts of all the health institutions.
  8. Financial assistance.
  9. TA claims.
  10. Free dialysis and free angioplasty correspondence.
  11. Focal person for audit of special initiative of the governemtn Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  12. Conducting internal audit as directed by competent authority.
  13. To process medical re-inbursement cases of all Autonomous & non-autonomous Institutes.
  14. To Process posting & transfer cases of Autonomous and non-autonomous institutes on deputation basis.
  15. Processing of summaries of Chief Minister for creation of posts for Autonomous and non-autonomous teaching hospitals.
  16. Correspondence regarding allowances all kind with the finance department of all health insitution in the province.
  17. Obtaining Ex-post facto sanction from the Finance Department/competent authority in case of regularity.
  18. All other assignments as directed by the competent authority.
  1. “Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates, of all provincial health insitutions.”
  2. Financial assistance.
  3. Creation of posts in all provincial health institutions & its entire establishment. (including DGHS &its all institutions)PHSA &its all institutions.
  4. Creation of posts in all 25 Districts (DHWs & its entire Estt: in the Districts).
  5. Creation of posts in Medical Colleges.
  6. Medical RE-imbursement.
  7. Grant-in Aid to various organizations.
  8. Emergency Medicines to Hospitals.
  9. Deputation of Accounts Officer.
  10. Supplementary Budget.
  11. Budget Speech.
  12. Re-appropriation of Funds.
  13. Delegation of Powers.
  14. Declaration of Drawing & Disbursing Officer.
  15. Dual Charge allowances.
  16. TA claim.
  17. Summaries (i) Creation of Posts (ii) Purchase of Vehicles.
  1. To Supervise and guide the Senior Planning Officers in preparation of Health Sector Annual Development Plan (ADP) and Public Sector Development Programmes (PSDP)
  2. “To implement all the Directives by Chief Minister, Governor and Minister regarding development projects.”
  3. To deal with the re-appropriation of funds from project to project or department to another department.
  4. To supervise the SPOs in preparation of administrative approvals for public notifications and AG office.
  5. To deal with the service matters of Health department’s  planning cell of BPS 1-16
  6. To prepare Health Sector Annual Development Plan and Public Sector Development Programmes for Health sector in order to prevent and minimize health issues.
  7. To prepare and scrutinize PC-I and concept papers for better planning.
  8. To assist the concerned Sr. Planning officer.
  1. “To process approval of project to competent forum (DDWP, PDWP, CDWP and ECNEC)”
  2. To coordinate with P&D and Finance departments regarding the projects for approval and release of funds.
  3. “To monitor and scrutinize the developmental progress of the project execution stage and prepare Quarterly, Midyear, 3rd Quarter and Annual Review Reports”
  4. To process cases of re-appropriation of funds.
  5. To prepare summaries on such cases which are not of the normal nature (not according to rules) for Chieft Minister’s approval.
  6. To prepare working papers for meetings and to record minutes of meeting.
  7. To prepare and issue AA (Administrative Approval) to C&W department for implementation of construction projects and to Finance Department for release of funds
  1. To prepare and analyse PC-Is and concept papers of the new projects of the department.
  2. “To process cases of Projects for approval to competent forum ((DDWP, PDWP,CDWP and ECNEC).”
  3. To coordinate with P&D and Finance departments regarding the projects for approval and release of funds.
  4. To monitor and scrutinize the developmental progress of the project execution stge.
  5. To issue AA (Administrative Approval) to C&W department for implementation of construction projects and to Finance Department for release of funds.
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