Project Details

  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa health department has established Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) to regularly evaluate performance of the public sector healthcare facilities and take measures to improve quality of services at the government hospitals in the province.
  • IMU will abet the government to take evidence-based decisions to make full utilization of health facilities for better patient care. Through the system, the government will also come to know about the facilities and their performance.

Project Objectives

  • At IMU, we recognize the value of health as a basic human right and are guided by our commitment to excellence and leadership.
  • We demonstrate this by balancing the continued commitment to the care of the poor and those most in need with the provision of quality health care services to a broader community.
  • This monitoring mechanism is required to look at dynamic data sets which regulate the performance of the Health System at district and subsequently at the provincial level.
  • The proposed mechanism is not about routine monitoring but goes a step beyond that by monitoring the performance of the Health Managers, in a very independent and scientific way, through use of latest Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
  • At IMU we aim to provide an effective tool to the Department to take informed decisions and corrective measures to improve service delivery at all levels, particularly at the level of primary health care at far flung rural areas.

Project Director: Dr. Shahzad Faisal.

Phone: 091-5700014

Address: House No. 5-A/2, Park Road, University Town, Peshawar.