Project Details


  • ADP/Code:                              593/130218
  • ADP  Year:                               2014-15  to 2016-17
  • Total cost:                               Rs. 442.177 million
  • Total Exp upto June 2017:  Rs. 84.924 million
  • Allocation 2017-18:              Rs. 15.00 million
  • Releases 2017-18:                Rs.  146.116 million
  • Expenditure from 01/07/2017 till Dec 2017:       Rs. 0.906 million

Project Objectives

  • To reduce the morbidity and mortality due to prevalent vector borne disease such as Malaria, Dengue and Leishmaniasis
  • To reduce the malaria disease burden by 75% by 2015 (MDG)
  • To improve access of high risk groups to quality assured diagnostic services for malaria, dengue and Leishmaniasis at all level of health care provision.
  • To facilitate districts in availability of quality assured treatment services for confirmed cases of malaria, dengue and Leishmaniasis
  • To reduce transmission potential of vector borne diseases.


Program Manager:                Dr Qazi Afsar

Contact No:                            091-5610178

Address:                                 House#16-A, Tatara Road, Rahatabad Near Peshawar University,