Project Details

ADP No. 520
Code 110614
Year 2017-18
Duration 5 years (2013-14 to 2017-18)
Total Cost Rs. 1399.256 Million
Total Exp. Upto June 2017 Rs. 42.507 Million
Total Allocation (2017-18) Rs. 25.00 Million
Expenditure in CFY 2017-18 Rs. 4.485 Million 

Project Objectives

  • To improve the access to health services by the poorest population groups in the programme region through a reduction of financial barriers and the strengthening of the quality of health services provision. At the end of the project the health status of the population in the intervention districts will have improved and its poverty levels decreased.

    Programme indicators:

    1. 21% of the poorest households in the intervention districts enjoy social health insurance coverage.
    2. At least a further 30% of the district population purchases health insurance products, so that total coverage would exceed 51% of the population.

    Out-of-pocket expenditure by insured households for inpatient care reduced by at least 51%.

  • To enhance access of the poorest population of the province to quality healthcare services by reduction of financial barriers.
  • To reduce out of pocket payments for health care services and avert catastrophic health expenditure.
  • To incrementally achieve Universal health coverage, with pre-pooling financing mechanism.
  • To improve the quality of health care services of public sector hospitals by ensuring retention and utilization of additional funds generated by the hospitals through this scheme.


Project Driector: Dr. Riaz Tanoli

Phone: 091-9216013

Address: House # 9-A, Rehman Baba Road, University town, Peshawar