Project Details

  • ADP/Code:                             594/140771
  • ADP  Year:                              2014-15 to 2018-19
  • Total cost:                              Rs. 283.837 million
  • Total Exp upto June 2017:   Rs. 59.995 million
  • Allocation 2017-18:              Rs. 15.00 million
  • Releases 2017-18:                Rs.  15.00 million
  • Expenditure from 01/07/2017 till Dec 2017:  Rs. 7.430 million

Project Objectives

  • To sustain provision of quality diagnosis and patient-centered treatment services across the Province and reduce the human suffering and socioeconomic burden associated with TB.
  • To address TB/HIV and multi drug-resistant TB and ensure MDR TB management services in the tertiary care hospitals of all zones in the province.
  • To sustain the default rates of Primary TB care services below 1% and treatment success rate above 95%.
  • To maintain high quality monitoring of TB care service responsive to challenges at the diagnostic center level.

Project Director:                   Dr Maqsood

Contact No:                            091-9217926

Address:                                 HMC, Peshawar