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S# Notification # Name of Doctor Duration Leave Type Date Action
1 SOH-I/HD/3-1300/2017 Dr.Khyber Bibi 90 days Earned leave 27-June-2022 Download
2 SOH-I/HD/3-1017/15 Dr.Shagufta Altaf 30 days Earned Leave 20-June-2022 Download
3 SOH-I/HD/3-1/2018: Dr usman Rafique 60 DAYS EARNED LEAVE 13-June-2022 Download
4 SOH-I/HD/1-45/2021- DR ERUM BEHROZ 45 DAYS MATERNITY LEAVE 13-June-2022 Download
5 SOH-I/HD/3-742/2009 Dr.Muhammad, Assistant Professor Ophthalmology (BS-18) 365 Days LPR 08-June-2022 Download
6 SOH-I/HD/3-5/2018 Dr.Ahmad Bilal 02-months Earned Leave 03-June-2022 Download
7 SOH-I/HD/7-53/Misc/2022 Dr.Faramoz Khan 120-days Earned Leave 02-June-2022 Download
8 SOH-I/HD/1-592/2010 Dr.Saleem iqbal 365 days LPR 31-May-2022 Download
9 SOH-I/HD/3-1081/2016 Dr.Arifullah 30(days) Earned Leave 12-April-2022 Download
10 SOH-I/HD/5-2/1997 Dr.Zafar Iqbal 120-days Ex-Pakistan Earned leave 31-March-2022 Download
11 SOH-I/HD/3-830/2010 Dr. Zia-Ur-Rehman 365 Days LPR 17-March-2022 Download
12 SOH-I/HD/3-606/2005 Dr.Gulab Zarin 365 days LPR 01-February-2022 Download
13 SHO(VI)/HD/4-4/2021-22 Mr Nadir Shah 05 Days Ex Pakistan Leave 14-January-2022 Download
14 SH-I/HD/1-825/2018 Dr.Naeemullah (Seven days) Ex-Pakistan Leave 23-December-2021 Download
15 SOH-I/HD/3-692/2008 Dr.Shah Zameen (Forty days) LPR 22-December-2021 Download
16 SOH-I/HD/3-1505/2021/ Dr.Naheed Khan 365 days leave (without pay) 08-December-2021 Download
17 SOH-I/HD/3-780/2009/ Dr.Syed Ali Abbas 07 days Ex-Pakistan Leave 08-December-2021 Download
18 SOH-I/HD/3-1480/2020/ Dr.Zahidullah Khan 11 days Ex-Pakistan (earned leave) 08-December-2021 Download
19 SOH-I/HD/3-1461/2019 Dr.Kaleemullah 365-days L.P.R 26-November-2021 Download
20 SOH(VI)/HD/4-4/2021 Saleeem Arshad Superintendent (BPS-17) (365) days L.P.R 23-November-2021 Download
21 SOH(VI)/HD/4-4/2021 Noor Ali Shah (365) days L.P.R 23-November-2021 Download
22 SOH-I/HD3-295/1995 Dr.Khalid Khan (365) days The competent authority is pleased to accord sanction to the grant of three hundred and sixty five (365)days leave encasment in lieu of LPR 19-November-2021 Download
23 SOH(VI)/HD/4-4/2021 Hussain Ali HMIS Coordinator (365) Days LPR 16-November-2021 Download
24 No.SOH-I/HD/3-1282/2017/. Dr. Shahid Hussian 07 days EX Pakistan leave 11-November-2021 Download
25 SOH-I/HD/3-984/2013/ Dr.Jabbar Khan 14- Days Ex Pakistan Leave 09-November-2021 Download
26 SOH-I/HD/3-450/2019 Dr. Saidul Abrar 730-Days leave without pay 05-November-2021 Download
27 SOH-I/HD/3-21/2018/ Dr.Muhammad Akram 05-Days 03-11-2021 to 07-11-2021 or from the date of availing (but not later than fifteen days from the issuance of this date) 05-November-2021 Download
28 SOH(E-II)/4-1/2021 Dr.Roshna 120-days Earned leave w.e.f the date of availing (not more than 21-days) 03-November-2021 Download
29 SOH-I/HD/3-959/2013 Dr.Sar Biland Khan (365) days LPR 03-November-2021 Download
30 SOH-I/HD/3-569/04/ Dr.Sofia Iqbal 180-days 01-11-2021 to 30-04-2022 or from the date of availing (but not more than fifteen days from the issuance of this Notification). 29-October-2021 Download
31 SOH-I/HD/3-902/2012 DR. Fozail ur Rehman 120 Days Type-D Hospital, Paro DI Khan w.e.f 01-10-2021 to 29-01-2022 or from the date of availing (but not more than fifteen days from the issuance of this Notification) 21-October-2021 Download
32 SOH-I/HD/3-780/2009 DR. Syed Ali Abbas 60 Days DHQ Hospital Haripur w.e.f 52-10-2021 to 23-12-2021 or from the date of availing (but not more than fifteen days from the issuance of this Notification). 21-October-2021 Download
33 SOH-I/HD/3-935/2013 DR.Faroooq Ahmad Seven Days EX-Pakistan 18-October-2021 Download
34 SOH(E_II)4-1/2021 DR.Irfan Ali (730) Days Extra Ordinary leave (without pay) 11.09.2021 to 10.09.2023 01-October-2021 Download
35 SOH(E.V)6-6/2021/ Dr. Irfan Alin Shah 730 Days For Pursing of Master of Public Health Program in Health Services Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,for pursing of Master of Public Health Program In Health Policy & Management from University of Massachusetts Amherst 06-September-2021 Download
36 NO.SOH(E-V)6-6/2021/ Dr.Mian Said Ali Shah 232 Days Earned Leave (Half Pay) 02-September-2021 Download
37 SOH (E-V)6-6/2021/ Dr.Humaira Afridi 01 Month Extra Ordinary Leave(Without Pay) 02-September-2021 Download
38 SOH (E-V)/5-5/2021/ Dr.Noor Salam Ten Months & Twelve days Pay in lieu of LPR 01-September-2021 Download
39 SOH(E-V)6-6/2021/ Dr.Khalid SMO 365 days EOL (without pay) 31-August-2021 Download
40 SOH(E-v)/5-5/2021/ Dr nawab hussain Ex-CMO 365 DAYS LPR 30-August-2021 Download
41 SOH (E-V)/5-5/2021/ Dr.Tahir Basheer Uddin Khilji EX-ADG (365) days Lieu of LPR 30-August-2021 Download
42 SOH(E-V)6-6/2021/ DR SANA IFTIKHAR 730 DAYS EXTRA ORDINARY 26-August-2021 Download
43 SOH(E-V)6-6/2021/ Dr Hafiza Rehima Khalid 730 DAYS EXTRA ORDINARY 26-August-2021 Download
44 SOH(E-V)/5-5-/2021/ Dr. Mohammad israr 365 DAYS LPR 26-August-2021 Download
45 SOH(E-V)/5-5/2021/ DR ARSHAD UL ISLAM 365 DAYS LPR 26-August-2021 Download
46 SOH-I/HD/3-1394/2019 DR.Aysha Shahid 40 Days (Forty Days) Earned Leave With Full Pay 25-August-2021 Download
47 SOH-I/HD/3-5/2020: DR SHAHID HUSSAIN 335 DAYS LPR 16-August-2021 Download
48 SOH-I/HD/3-847/2010 DR.Abdul Sattar Khan 03-August-2021 Download
49 SOH-I/HD/3-273/2020 DR.Tahira Yasmeen 365 DAYS 28-July-2021 Download
50 SOH-I/HD/1-886/2021 Dr. Irshad Ahmad Senor Demonstrator BS-18 730 days Extra Ordinary leave 13-July-2021 Download
51 SOH(EV)/5-5/2021 DR.Muhammad Noor 08-July-2021 Download
52 SOH (E-V)/5-5/2021 DR.Rashida Begum 08-July-2021 Download
53 SOH (E-V)/5-5/2021 DR.Ashraf Ali Khan 07-July-2021 Download
54 SOH (E-V)/5-5/2021 DR.Muhammad Nazir Khan 07-July-2021 Download
55 SOH (E-V)/5-5/2021 DR.Zahir Khan 07-July-2021 Download
56 SOH (E-V)/5-5/2021 DR.Huma Shireen 07-July-2021 Download
57 SOH (E-V)/5-5/2021 DR.Umar Islam 07-July-2021 Download
58 SOH(E-V)/5-5/2021 DR.Arshad Ahmad 02-July-2021 Download
59 soh-i/hd/3-691/2008- Dr Mir Ahmad Khan 365 days LPR 01-July-2021 Download
60 SOH-I/HD/3-334/97 DR.Muhammad Aslam Khan 01-July-2021 Download
61 SOH-I/HD/3-923/2013 Dr Fazli Ali 365 DAYS LPR 29-June-2021 Download
62 SOH-I/HD/3-1394/2019 DR SHAFIULLAH KHAN 365 DAYS EARNED LEAVE 23-June-2021 Download
63 SOH(E-V)5-5/2021/97 Dr Syed Muhammad tariq, Dr Ikram ullah khan,Dr Rizwayat shah,Dr Arshad amer ,Dr afzal khan, 365 Days LPR 22-June-2021 Download
64 SOH-I/HD/3-987/2014 DR MUHAMMAD ANWAR KHAN 365 DAYS LPR 22-June-2021 Download
65 SOH-I/HD/3-389/1999 DR SULTAN NAWAZ 365 DAYS LPR 22-June-2021 Download
66 SOH-I/HD/3-993/2014 DR KALEEM ULLAH 365 DAYS LPR 22-June-2021 Download
67 SOH-I/HD/3-869/2011: DR JAMIL BADSHAH 365 DAYS LPR 18-June-2021 Download
68 SOH(E-V)/5-5/2021/84 DR FIDA MUHMMAD,DR SATBAR GHANI,DR RAHIM KHAN 365 DAYS LPR 15-June-2021 Download
69 SOH(E-II)/4-1/2021: Dr Muhammad Tariq 730 EXTRA ORDINARY 08-June-2021 Download
70 SOH-I/HD/1-831/2018: DR ANWAR ALI 730 DAYS EXTRA ORDINARY LEAVE 02-June-2021 Download
71 SOH-/HD/1-45/2021: DR SADIQ KHAN 730 DAYS EXTRA ORDINARY LEAVE 01-June-2021 Download
72 SOH-I/HD1-685/2013: Dr Abdur Razaq Ex-Professor 365 DAYS LPR 15-April-2021 Download
73 SOH(E-V)4-4/2021 DR FARHAN ZAFAR, 01.02.2017 TO 31.12.2020 EOL 05-April-2021 Download
74 SOH(E-V)5-5/2021 DR IKRAM ULLAH S/O MUHAMMAD SHARIF 1 YEAR LPR 02-April-2021 Download
75 SOH(E-V)3-3/2021 DR FAIZA MALIK 20 DAYS EARNED LEAVE 01-April-2021 Download
76 SOH-I/HD5-23/1997 Dr Noor ul Iman 365 DAYS LPR 31-March-2021 Download
77 SO(H)E-II/4-1/2021 DR MUHAMMAD IRFAN 500 DAYS EX PAKISTAN LEAVE 16-February-2021 Download
78 SOH-III/7-191/2021 DR MUHAMMAD IQBAL 90 DAYS EARNED LEAVE 16-February-2021 Download
81 SOH(E-V)4-4/2020 DR MUHAMMAD NAWAZ 365 DAYS LPR 12-January-2021 Download
82 SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 DR SARAH YOUNAS , DR NIGHAT AZIZ, DR RAHEELA BANO 365 DAYS EOL 06-January-2021 Download
83 SOH-1/HD/3-1279/2017: Dr Muhammad Ali 730 EXTRA ORDINARY LEAVE 04-January-2021 Download
84 NO.SOH(E-V)6-6/2020 Dr. Muhammad Khalid Khan 79 days 11-December-2020 Download
85 NO.SOH(E-V)7-522/2018 Dr. Farah Night Saani 365 days 10-December-2020 Download
86 NO.SOH(E-V)4-4/2020 Dr.Zawar Hussain 365 days 10-December-2020 Download
87 NO.138SOH(E-V)1-735/2012 Dr. Jawad Habib Khan 60 days 08-December-2020 Download
88 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr. Asma Noreen 730 days 03-December-2020 Download
89 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr. Aimen Tariq 730 days 03-December-2020 Download
90 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr. Alina Sohail Rehman 730 days 03-December-2020 Download
91 NO.SOH(E-V)5-5/2020 Dr.Muhammad Azhar 365 days 03-December-2020 Download
92 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr. Maryum Shah 6 months 03-December-2020 Download
93 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr. Somaya Qayum 56 days 03-December-2020 Download
94 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr. Sadia nawaz 90 days 03-December-2020 Download
95 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr. Sameer Ahmed 1460 days 03-December-2020 Download
96 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr. Khalid 365 days 03-December-2020 Download
97 NO.SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 Dr. Yasmeen Khattak 365 Days 27-November-2020 Download
98 NO.SOH(E-V)4-4/2020 Dr. Ghulam Subhani 365 Days 27-November-2020 Download
99 NO.SOH(E-V)4-4/2020 Dr. Ghulam Subhani 365 Days 27-November-2020 Download
100 SOH-I/HD/3-5/2013: Dr Shah Zameen 40 DAYS Earned Leave 23-November-2020 Download
101 NO.SOH(E-v)2-2/2020 Dr Rozina Bibi 120 19-November-2020 Download
102 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr Zainab Shah 45 19-November-2020 Download
103 NO.SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 Dr Ayesha Arif 60 days 19-November-2020 Download
104 NO.SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 Dr Javed Iqbal 365 Days 19-November-2020 Download
105 NO.SOH(E-V)5-5/2020 Dr .Mir Alam Khan 355 Days 11-November-2020 Download
106 NO.SOH(E-V)4-4/2020 Dr Asma Noreen 730 Days 11-November-2020 Download
107 NO.SOH(E-V)4-4/2020 Dr. Shafaq Durrani 45 Days 11-November-2020 Download
108 NO.SOH(E-V)4-4/2020 Dr. Ammara Khan 365 Days 11-November-2020 Download
109 NO.SOH(E-V)4-4/2020 Dr. Jawad Habib 11-November-2020 Download
110 NO.SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 Dr. Shah Jahan 365 Days 10-November-2020 Download
111 NO.SOH(E-VI)1-1/2020 Mr.Mohammad Nisar 365 Days 10-November-2020 Download
112 NO.SOH(E-V)/IRFAN SALIM (DENTAL) Dr. Irfan Salim 365 Days 10-November-2020 Download
113 NO.SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 Dr Mursaha Bibi 365 Days 06-November-2020 Download
114 NO.SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 Dr. S. Naseem Akhter 365 Days 06-November-2020 Download
115 NO.SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 Dr. Mumtaz Khan 365 Days 06-November-2020 Download
116 So(E)H-II/4-1/2020: Dr Asad 120 days EX-Pakistan 12-October-2020 Download
117 Dr Farooq Shah 365 Days L.P.R 24-September-2020 Download
118 DR ISTERAJ KHAN BS-21 365 days L.P.R 22-September-2020 Download
119 Dr Iqbal Hussain Principal Medical Officer Seven Hundred & thirty (730) days Ex Pakistan Leave 08-September-2020 Download
120 Dr Zarina Azam 730 days EOL 20-August-2020 Download
121 Dr Madiha GUl 60 days 17.08.2020 to 16.10.2020 Earned leave 19-August-2020 Download
122 Sehba Noshin 60 days Earned leave 18-August-2020 Download
123 Dr Naureen riaz 242 days EOL 11-August-2020 Download
124 NO.SOH(E-V)2-2/2020 Dr. Kaleem Ghulam 365 days 30-June-2020 Download
125 Dr Sarfaraz 730-Days Extra Ordinary Leave 20-August-2018 Download
126 Dr Irum Pasha 730-Days Extra ordinary leave 06-August-2018 Download
127 NO.SOH(E-V)3-3/2020 Dr Tahira Hussain 60 Days 31-December-1969 Download
128 SOH-I/HD/3-1301/2017; DR SAIMA 730 DAYS EXTRA ORDINARY LEAVE 31-December-1969 Download
S# Notification # Name of Doctor Duration Leave Type Date Action